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Commercial Solar

Do you own a large or small business? Do you own your own building? Do you have a long term lease? Are you a school or Non Profit organization? Power Up Renewable Energy can help you.

Solar panel prices have fallen quite a bit over the past several years, so you may be surprised at how much more affordable clean solar electric systems have become. Solar is now becoming a mainstream option.

Solar power is a great long-term investment.

Solar reduces utility rate volatility, makes your long-term energy costs much more predictable.
Solar can increase the value of your property.

Federal tax credits can offset your investment.
 - Entire system may qualify as tax deduction, MACRS schedule, IRS PUB 946:
6 YEARS 1-20%, 2-32%, 3-19.20%, 4-11.52%, 5- 11.52%, 6-5-76%.

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Solar Panels, Power Up Renewable Energy

Solar Panels, Power Up Renewable Energy